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News from Sept 2006 to Jan 2008 :


Electra 15 months old

 Electras first Show in life - 2nd best female with CACIB


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Januari 2008

2008-01-05 SKK MyDOG/Swedish Winner-08


2007-12-16  SKK HUND2007 - NordV-07



2007-11-03 SKK Växjö INT

We went to the CACIB Show and once again arrived in the very last minute. We entered the ring when competition in Open class was finished. Electra then got an individual quality judgement and of course without no place in Open class. The judge Rafael Alcrudo Malo from Spain, just loved Electra! She got CQ in quality and was then in best female competition.  She was for a long time 2nd best bitch, but because we arrived so late and she hadn´t urinate or made a poo after 50 mile travel by car, she wasn´t so found of moving. She got one round with fairly good movement. Despite me beeing stressed up and wasn´t the best handler, Electra ended up 3rd best female of 18!! It was very high quality in best female. The judge was impressed over that we had so high quality dobermann in Sweden. Even if most of the the top five dobermann were imported, cropped and docked ones. Electra did get excellent critic by judge Alcrudo, and I´m very pleased and proud of my lovely and beautiful bitch. It was 38 dobermann entries, 18 females.

 I must pull myself together and arrive at the upcoming Shows in time before the Show.  

BOB became once again Ardens Ulitka (8 BOB in a row) with excellent handler Jeanette! A big congratulation to you and owner Mona! Me and Jeanette probably are going to participate in some Shows abroad with "Litka" and Electra. Jeanette was handling Electra for a while after the Show and Electra was so alert and looked even more beautiful with such a great handler. I must practice more to be a competent handler for such a great bitch that my Electra is. That can make the difference between winning or placing in top five.

BOS became Ulisse delle Querce Nere. Congratulations to you!

I´m glad that we participated at the Show!     

Best regards

Lenis and Electra




We haven´t been at any Shows in Sept and October. I have registered Electra for next International Show in Växjö 3/11. I haven´t descided yet if we are gonna participate. It´s 50 mile to travel.


Electra is 30 months old sweet pearl!


Kiss and Hug




Only obedience training for working class entries next year.



2007-08-26 Ulla and Bertils Memorial Show

Today we have been at a great national memorial Show in Almtuna/Stäket. It was over 20 dobermann entries at the Show. Electra became 2nd in Open class with CQ in quality and ended up V4 in best female.

BOB and BIG-3 became once again the brown female Ardens Ulitka, congratulations!  

It was a great day despite that it was raining when the group finals began.



SKK Norrköping CACIB Show and ROSVALLA national Show 

This weekend we have been at two shows. At Norrköping international Electra became V2 in Open class and R-best female. She got very nice critic from judge Anders Härnman, Sweden. Best female, best of breed (BOB) and also BIG-R, became Hercogine Boriada No Demetra from Estland, and best of opposite sex (BOS) was Varvick-Valdo Vom Gebrannten Walde! A big congratulation to you and all that got a place on Saturday! It was a lovely day at the Showground with nice people and dogs.


At the national Show in ROSVALLA/Nyköping on Sunday, Electra became SG 2 in Open class. She got very nice critic even this Show by judge Åke Cronander. But he put in critic that she was a little bit heavy, which she is. Her weight is nearly 88 lbs. Best female, BOB and BIG-R became Ardens Ulitka.  Best male and BOS became Vice Versa Yaros. A big congratulation to both of you and also to all that participated at the Show and did a good job. Thank you to everyone that was there for a nice time at Showground.

We hope to meet you all again on Sunday 26th, at Ulla and Bertils Memorial Show in Stockholm/Stäket.   




Electra is 28 months old today! I love you my wonderful friend!


2007-08-05 CACIB Show Svenstavik

Today we have been at a Swedish kennelclub Show in Svenstavik/Östersund. Electra wasn´t in her best form and shape today. She is false-pregnant and is a little bit unalert in the ring and also a little bit swollen. She was in heat at the Swedish Dobermann Championship in May and there she also was unalert in the ring and she wanted to sniff the grass all the time, looking for a male. Now she thinks she´s gonna have puppies.

Electra became 2nd best female in Open class with 1st price in quality (Very good) without CQ and did not get to competition in best female.



Bianca Betelges became BOB (BIR) and BIG-3, looking excellent and she trotted very nice. A big congratulations to you two Martina and your successful puppies Calistas Shakespeare and Calistas Dionyza that became BIR, BIS-4 and BIM! :-)  Congratulations also to winning BIM male!


Me and Electra now looking forward to Norrköping CACIB Show and ROSVALLA National 18-19/8.




We missed yesterday Lövudden Show because of late arrival!  Electra did only get an individual judgement by judge Bodegård. She did get excellent quality (CQ) and nice critic. I hope we never miss a Show again. I´m very sorry that Electra didn´t got a chance to compete in best female when it was a CACIB Show. Better luck 5th of August in Östersund/Svenstavik, Swedish Kennelclub CACIB Show.


2007-07-14 Lövudden CACIB Show 22nd

Me and Electra now looking forward to the next International Show at Lövudden/Västerås on Sunday 22nd. It´s 16 dobermann entries. Judge is Göran Bodegård (Sweden), that loved Electra in Visby. I hope Electra will get CACIB this time and become BOB again! 


2007-07-10 Electra 27 months old

Kiss and hug my best friend in life...

2007-07-01 SKK Visby INT

This day I had not so high expectations because of different reasons. They all were right. Electra toady became V2 in Open class with CQ and then in best female she trotted excellent all the way, best of all bitches...but this day it was´nt enough for judge Byström, Sweden. He wanted to put a special female winning best of breed, although she couldn´t move well, not in best female or in BOB final. Electra ended up 4th best female!!! BOB (BIR) and BIG-1 JD Grabazzi and BOS (BIM) JD Gossip. I have no more to say about this Show...



2007-06-30 SKK Visby NAT

Today, Electra again became Open class winner with CQ and ended up 2nd best female! She got very nice critic by judge Christian Jouanchicot, France. BOB (BIR) became JD Grabazzi and BOS (BIM) JD Gossip.


2007-06-29 SBK Gotland Off

Today friday, at Gotland WorkingDogclub Show, Electra became Open class winner with CQ and then she won best female and also became best of breed, BOB (BIR) and up all of that BIG-3 in group 2!  She got overwhelming critic from judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden. He loved my sweet Electra. Male, Jean Dark Grabazzi became best of opposite sex, BOS (BIM). He won best of breed at both SKK Shows on Saturday and Sunday and also became BIG-1. Today he didn´t have a chance against my Electra. She both was looking excellent and trotted excellent all the way in the final. This is the best result Electra has achived since her Show start in July 2006. I´m very proud of my shining star that now has very harmonic and perfect trotting to combine with her excellent exterior. She´s simply the best!   I love her very much my sweet Electra.


2007-06-09 SKK Norrköping Nat

Today we have been at a national Kenelclub Show in Norrköping. Electra became V2 in Open class with CQ, and then 3rd best female. She did get nice critic from judge Martin Croeser, South Africa. It was a very hot but nice summer day.



2007-04-21 Rocklunda National Show

Today Electra became Open class winner with CQ (CK, National Champion quality) at Rocklunda National Show in Västerås, and then in competition in best female she became 2nd best female of total 19 females. It was only one male at the Show and he became BOS. It was Electras first start in Open class (15 month-8 year) and I´m very proud and happy over her great result today. It was totally unexpected. She got excellent judgement..."a lovely bitch", "a powerful bitch", "an impressive bitch", "beautiful head with good parallelity", "a stylish neck", "wide muscular thighs", "moves herself well", "marked wither", "strong back", "long wellformed thorax with great forechest"...and more.

Congratulations Folke, to your beautiful BOB winner and also to handsome BOS winner. It was a great Show.  

Idag har vi varit på utställning i Västerås, SKK Rocklunda NAT. Det var debut för Electra i öppen klass idag och det gick långt över förväntan. Electra vann öppen klass med CK och slutade som 2:a bästa tik av 19 stycken!  Fantastiskt roligt må jag säga. Jag är mycket stolt över min pärla Electra. Hon fick bl a i kritiken, "En härlig tik", "mäktig tik", "kraftfull tik" och och inte minst "rör sig väl". Läs hela hennes fina kritik under Show results och även mer om utställningen i min blogg, senare. Det var endast en hane som kom till start av 2 anmälda! 

Grattis Folke till BIR med din vackra tös och även till den fina hanen som blev BIM. Självklart grattis även till alla andra som placerade sig och fick fin kritik.   


En glad och stolt matte





Electra is 2 years old today! Congratulations my sweet and lovely in a million! :)

       Glitter Graphic: c0da3d307ca9a814ac38e17d46793abf.gif



Lots of hugs and bones for you everything!



2007-04-08 Stockholm International Dog Show

Today we have been at Stockholm International Dog Show in Älvsjö (Also called "Little Stockholm"). It was a great day and Show, with a very good judge from Serbia et Montenegro. She took long time with every class, and she was very careful. It was 30 dobermann registered for the Show and almost everyone was cropped and docked. It was very tough competition in each class, and Electra became 3rd best Youth with very good judgement. It was a bitch from Finland in Youngster class that won, Livonija Baronesa Isis Isida; and she also became best of breed, BOB (BIR). Congratulations to BOB och BOS winners and to all that took a place in best female and best male! I´m very happy that Electra did trot very well this time the first round. The second round in competition in best youth, she was distracted by a bitch in front of us that became goofy and barked and didn´t move at first. After that Electra started barking and jumping and wanted to play with the other bitch. Next time we are going to proceed trotting and not wait for the dog before us, when such things happens. But I am very pleased with Electras result and judgement today...she is an absolutely fantastic companion in everything. Now we are looking forward to next kennelclub Show in Västerås, Rocklunda National, in two weeks. Have a nice Easter!

Electra is trying out a new outfit...great line!



Happy Easter to all!






Electra is 23 months old today! Hug my wonderful companion in life...

My everything...



At Stockhlom Dobermann Special WinterShow today, Electra became 2nd best youth. It was 93 dobermann participating and of them 54 females. Electra did get very good judgement, but negative critic for her trot this time. Therefore she didn´t get to the final in best female. She did the best she managed this day, and I´m proud of her despite the trotting/playing run. Better luck next time at the next CACIB Show "Little Stockholm", 8 of April  (See her judge critic under flap "Show results). 




Electra is 22 months today, hug my sweet dobie!




Electra has now been registered at the Stockholm WinterShow, a dobermann breed special Show on Saturday March the 3rd. We are looking forward to that Show because it was there in year 2005, I for real made up my mind to be a dobermann owner . Then Electra came into my life and made it complete! :-)



Electra is 21 months old today...hug my wonderful dobie!



Now we have been at the CACIB Show in Gothenburg 4-5 Januari. Electra didn´t get CACIB but she became 2nd best youth with CK (Champion quality) and then V4 in best female. I´m very proud of my Electra who did trot very nice this time. She got very good judgement from judge Dan Ericsson. It was 41 dobermann registered and of them 22 bitches (13 in youth class). It is Swedens second biggest Show after "Big Stockholm". It was a great Show. We didn´t participate at the National Show on Thursday.   



Upcoming CACIB Show result from My Dog 5/1 will soon be presented here and under flap Show results and also in my blog, but only in swedish.  


Maybe Electra get CACIB once again...






Next upcoming CACIB Show is "MY DOG" in Gothenburg 5/1-07.



Merry Christmas...



Electra is 20 months old today! My sweet dobie...






Today at the Swedish Winner CACIB Show - "HUND2006" (DOG2006 or Big Stockholm), Electra became 3rd best youth with CK (Excellent Champion quality) and then in competition in best female she did not get any place.

Congratulations to BOB (BIR) and Swedish Winner -06 Gianna Betelges and to BOS (BIM) Winner Jean Dark Yang!

Congratulations also to all other nice dobies that participated in the Show and did get great results.

 I´m very happy with Electras result when it was 13 bitches in youth class (only three did get CK) and it was 47 bitches of total 89 registered dobermann.


 BIG-final Saturday


Now we are looking forward to next CACIB Show in Gothenburg,

MY DOG Januari 5th, 2007  


I must try to be a better handler for Electra and it´s only more ring training with disturbance that will accomplish that and more Shows (outside the ring Electra is trotting very nice...firm active mover).  Read more about the result at Show results.



Here is Electra with her new knitted scarf at ringtraining for the big upcoming CACIB Show this weekend. In reward she got to play with the ball. Electra is trotting perfect at the moment and I hope that she also does that at the Show. She smiles with all her beautiful face when she knows that she make everything the right way! :-) 




Me and Electra now being coached in Show handling by a very good Junior handler, Gabrielle. She is going to compete in Junior handling in the Swedish Championship at "Big Stockholm", HUND2006 in December. She is probably going to show Electra for me in this biggest Swedish CACIB Show. Today we were training in Stockholm, next to the Castle. Electra did trot very nice, "firm active mover", as a judge would describe it. We trained for about two hours and it was great. We are going to do that a couple more times before the show.

Thank you Gabrielle for helping me to become a better handler in the future. Electra is still so young so sometimes she is very wild in the ring. In competition with most of Swedens great dobermann females and males it is so little that can make the difference between winning the group and get CK and then compete in best female. We hope to get to the final in best female. :-) And maybe with Gabrielles help we can reach that goal. Mom' Lena, thank´s for the cheese, it tasted very good! You have a very beautiful Lapplands Dog bitch.  




World Dog Show 2006 - Poznan/Poland

Electra was registered for the Show in Intermediate class, but was unfortunately absent by different reasons.  


Latest Final Show result group 2, Saturday:

Doberman / Dobermann

JWW P (M) 3722 ESQUIDO iz Doma Domeni, Einar Skjervheim, Norwegia
JWW S (F) 3851 IARA del Diamante Nero, Carlo Scarcelli, W³ochy
WW BOB P (M) 3808 JARED Come As You Are, . Fiala D., Hadzic M., Serbia
WW S (F) 3883 HAZY DREAM de Grande Vinko, Eva Chivu, Rumunia
BVet P (M) 3815 VERO z Padoku, Daria Mocek, Polska

Pies (P)= male

Suka (S)=female


Come As You Are JARED - World Winner and BOB! Congratulations

He has got an official stamp, worth 1 Euro in Finland!


Click to view full size image

HAZY DREAM de Grande Vinko - World Winner best female! Looking great...congratulations!

She was in Electras intermediate class.  


 Vice World Winner -06 - Wild Cherry di Altobello, congratulations!




Electra is 19 months old today! Congratulations my sweet Electra :-)   





Swedish Kennel Club, International Show in Växjö. Electra became 2nd best youth with CK and then V4 in best female competition. Read more about it at Show results.


 Sofiero Int and Växjö Int Show.



At Sofiero International Show in Helsingborg today (judge Kurt Nilsson Sweden), Electra became best youth with CK (Excellent Champion quality) and then became V3 in best female. It was a very nice Show ground, Sofiero Castle park. The weather was perfect and we met a lot of nice people there.


MH - Mentalbeskrivning hund - Mental description dog / Electra de Galius

Märsta Sigtuna BK 




    Test result MH diagram explanation

    Egenskapsvärden - Characteristic value

Beskrivning (Description)  





Nyfikenhet/Orädsla (Curiosity/Intrepidness) 

 4,4  3,4  1,0

Aggressivitet (Aggressiveness )

 1,0  1,6  -0,6

Socialitet (Socialaty)

 4,3  3,3  1,0

Jaktintresse (Hunting interest)

 3,5  2,8  0,7

Lekfullhet (Playfulness) 

 4,4  3,5  0,9


Electra had a very good test result.

In total 1072 dobermann have been tested.

Read more about it under flap MH.














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Lenis & Electra


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News :

May 2007:

2007-05-27 Örebro SDV-07

Swedish DobermannClub Championship. Electra didn´t get any place this time of 91 females, but she got 1st price in quality (very good) in Open class and great critic by the judge, Helmut Redtenbacher, South Africa


2007-05-20 Enköpings BK

Today we have been at Enköpings WorkingDogClub at an official Show. It was lovely weather and 18 dobermann entries; 13 females. Electra became V2 in Open class with CQ and then R-best female. It was Beckers Fabulous Fila who became Open class winner, V1 best female and BOB (BIR)! Congratulations to Filas first CQ and up of all that BOB! You must be very happy. I saw the BIS-final and there Sara competed with Fila but didn´t get a place, but then became BIS-4 with her new excellent puppy male Smart Wood Hills Respect Rebook "Robban", a big congratulation from me and Electra!

Electra, V2 in Open Class with CQ and    R-best female

Sara and puppie "Robban" BIS-4!

Sara and Fila in BIS final...looking good!



Swedish Winner -07

Today we have been at SKK CACIB Show, Swedish Winner-07, in Österbybruk! It was a great day with a huge amount of entries in all breeds. It was 44 dobermann entries; 22 females and 11 in Open Class. It was a lot of beautiful dobies in both male and females, several of them came from Norway. It was Electras second time to participate in Open class, among lots of top quality females. When standing in front of the judge Electra has no problem to stand still and looking very nice. But when it´s time to show her trotting she is changing her mental state and become goofy and today she also wanted to sniff the grass a lot. Electra managed to get OK trotting and ended up 4th best female in Open class, behind the BOB SV-07 winning female, Nemesis Iz Zoosfery and BOS  SV-07 became JWW-06 Esquido Iz Doma Domeni. Congratulations to the Norwegian winners! Electra didn´t get CQ this time but I´m very pleased with her result when she did get great judgement and also was 2-3 years younger than the three females in front of her. She has the future waiting for her. The judge Seamus Oates, Irland gave a lot of dobermann 2 in quality and they were gone immediately. So far in 13 Shows Electra has got 1st price in quality 13 times and 10 CQ!  

I was sick with 39 degree fever during the Show and I´m glad that we managed to participate and got a place. I´m proud of my sweet Electra.





Electra is 25 months old! She is a big bitch now with lots of muscles.



This weekend the 12th of May it is a CACIB Show in Österbybruk, Swedish Winner -07. I hope Electra goes to the final in best female, top five.