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Swedish Dobermann Club

Show Trophy Winner 2010


Also Winner "Highest of the Year"

Swedish Dobermann Club

Show Trophy 2011

BEST FEMALE, 2nd place in total

9 x BOB, 3 x BOS, 8 x CACIB, 15 x CQ



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  This site is about my Lovely Electra and the Dobermann breed.

Electra is born in Serbia and Montenegro in 2005.

10. April 2011 

Electra,  6 years old


In Loving Memory

Electra de Galius

2005 04 10 - 2012 02 03

I Love You and Miss You tremendously

It is so tragic...Electra was my everything




 Electras father and mother 

IDC Sg Baron Nike Renewal x YuCh Gama Ginga House



27. and 28. August 2011

Gotland Dog Shows - INT



Dobermann judges:

Zorica Salijevic, Sweden

Andi Hudono, Indonesia (Dobermann specialist judge)

Open class EXC-1 x 2 CK x 2 BF x 2 BOB x 2 CACIB x 2 Electra de Galius



Superb Dobermann expression...Electra has it!

Photo by me, March 2011 /Lenis



21. August 2011

Eskilstuna CACIB Show


Open class EXC-1 CK BF BOB CACIB Electra de Galius

Judge: Pia Lundberg, Sweden




07. August 2011



Open class EXC-1 CK BF BOB Electra de Galius

Judge: Fredrik Norgren, Sweden




06. August 2011



Open class EXC-3 CK BF-3 Electra de Galius

Judge: Bo Wiberg, Sweden




29 -31. July 2011




EXC-1 CK BF x 3  CACIB  x 3  BOS  x 2 BOB  x 1 Electra de Galius

(Judges: Roland Fors, Sweden. Gunnel Holm, Finland. Andrzej Stepinski, Poland)



23. July 2011

Köping CACIB Show





Swedish Dobermann Winner-11 

Sunday 12th June   


Judge: Tamás Dohóczki, Hungary

Open class:  Exc Electra de Galius 



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14th May 2011

Gagnef-Floda BK, CAC Show


EXC-1 CK BF BOB BIS-2 Electra de Galius




18 feb 2011

Swedish Dobermann Club


Show Trophy Winner 2010  


"Highest of the Year" 2010 (most BOB)




Swedish Dobermann Club - Show Trophy 2010

MARCH 2011

Total Trophy 2010 (place 1-10) - Other Trophies 2010 (place 1-3) - Highest of the Year 2010 (All Trophies)



Stockholm HUNDmässa 2010


18. December

Judge: Hanne Laine Jensen, Denmark


Open Class Winner Electra de Galius


Växjö CACIB Show 

07. November 2010

Judge: Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden

 Open class: Exc 2, CK, Best female-2, R-CACIB Electra de Galius


SBK Sundsvall CAC Show

10. October 2010

Judge: Gunilla Åsberg-Godén, Sweden


Open class: Exc 1, CK, Best female, BOB, BIS-3 Electra de Galius


SBK Gotland CAC Show

27. August 2010

Judge: Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden


Open class: Exc 1, CK, Best female, BOB, BIG-R  Electra de Galius


Eskilstuna CACIB Show 

22. August 2010

Judge: Thord Byström, Sweden


Open class: Exc 1, CK, Best female, CACIB BOB Electra de Galius

CACIB BIM Jean Dark King Liqueur


Swedish Dobermann Club South 

Specialty CAC Show


14 August 2010

Open class: Exc 2, Best female-3 Electra de Galius


Tvååker CACIB and CAC Show

9-10 July 2010

CACIB, BOB x 2  Electra de Galius




Tvååker National Show 10. July 2010  -  BOB Electra de Galius


Triple INT Dogshow - Sweden

19-21 June 2010

Electra de Galius - CACIB BOS 


Triple INT Dog Show - June 21. 2010

CACIB BOB Ulisse delle Querce Nere :up:
(Urbano del Diamante Nero x Ninette della Sinvessa)

CACIB BOS Electra de Galius :D
(Baron Nike Renewal x Gama Ginga House)

V1 Open class, Best female  


Time in Stockholm -

"The Local" - Sweden´s News in English


Swedish Dobermann Club

Show Trophy 2008


  Place 12 

Nearly 70 swedish dobermann participated in the ShowTrophy.

Conformation Show Trophy 2009

 Electra de Galius 

 Place 8  



Doberman Pinscher (Dobermann) Dog Breed Introduction

The Doberman Pinscher, also called Dobermann, is a much misunderstood dog. In the US and Canada, where the movies and television tend to go rabid over real or imagined dangers, Doberman Pinschers are often targets of cruel and largely unfair race-libel. True, the Doberman Pinscher breed was developed as a guard-dog breed. Many Dobermanns still guard homes and businesses. Yet compared with the thousands of thousands of Dobermanns alive today, the number of attacks against humans are relatively quite small--far fewer than human-on-human attacks. It is even rarer for a Doberman Pinscher dog to attack without a perceived provocation.

The Doberman Pinscher's Behavior

Recommended for: guard dogs, watch dogs, or police dogs, home pets.

The Doberman Pinscher is a good companion dog and can be good with children. Healthy, well-trained Dobermanns will almost never attack except when they feel themselves, their families, or their families' properties in danger. As with any guard-dog breed, you should of course take care to train these animals well, and to take special care with young children.


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Electra with her beloved ball...



The three most important things for your dog to have a good life

being calm and submissive is:

  (In that order)





 Most people start with love, exercise and last discipline. 

- Cesar Millan -  





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Lenis & Electra







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